You’re probably thinking of how to make more money, diversify your business or find effective ways to generate passive income?


Then Fusion Mobile is the right business for you!

Fusion mobile e-Learning smart cards is an innovation that is rapidly sweeping the Nigerian education system.

Fusion Mobile makes learning easy for students by moving the classroom into their phones or computer. Instead of reading textbooks or notes, with Fusion Mobile, students can watch videos lectures on all topics of their choice, take revision courses, do their assignments, play educational games and lots more.

Fusion Mobile e-Learning smart cards come in an 8GB memory card as shown below. All the student needs is to put the memory card in his phone or computer to start enjoying it. Read more about it here


A copy of Fusion Mobile sells for N3000 – N5000. You can verify this on Konga or Jumia.

But if you buy the pack directly from the company, you get it for N2000.

A pack of Fusion Mobile contains 10pieces of the smart cards and therefore costs N20,000 (distributor price).

Its very easy to sell the 10pieces to 10 students. If you sell at N5000, this means you get 

10 * N5000 = N50,000

and your profit is amazing! N30,000 weekly. Wow!

 You can make this much within a week

Now lets say you maintain this pace and sell 1 pack weekly, your profit at the end of the month will be N30,000 * 4 = N120,000 every month which becomes  N1,440,000 yearly. Now thats a lot of money isn't it?

If you sell to 20 students per week, that gives N2,880,000 yearly.

Now imagine employing just 3 persons to do the marketing for you... that should give you nothing less than N8.6 million naira yearly!

With Fusion Mobile, you can actually build your dream home and get your dream car within a year.

Why then should you continue looking for a job?.


What do you need to start this business.

Just N20,000. And N1000 for start up registration. You can then reinvest your profit as you continue.

Simply CALL or send an sms containing your details to 07065064129or drop your phone number in this box below to get a call from one of the distributors.





  • 'Anon' - Its getting really interesting. I was able to convince a school, after I gave them a proposal. Few weeks later, they bought 200 copies for their students. Guess what! they are even thinking of making it compulsory for all their students. I don hama.
  • 'Anon - Adamawa State' - I'm almost the only person in Adamawa selling the product. Its really moving very fast. I'm really excited.

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